How to Optimize on a CPM Bidding Model While Using Native Advertising

Do you know how top optimize your Native Advertising campaigns on a CPM Bidding model? In this video Colin Dijs together with Ross Macfarlane will show you the most important things to take into consideration!

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1. First Price Bidding 2. Second Price Bidding

Win Rate – Supply & Demand

Per 1000 impressions


Bid vs. other bids = win rate%

Publisher inventory


Equal distribution



$10 CPM – 1000 impressions – iCTR 1% = 10 clicks for $10 = $1 CPC
$10 CPM – 1000 impressions – iCTR 2% = 20 clicks for $10 = $0.5 CPC
$20 CPM – 1000 impressions – iCTR 2% = 20 clicks for $20 = $1 CPC

Bid vs. expense model = Simple

Higher iCTR = Higher CPM you can afford


Win Rate (Reach Potential)
Creatives Optimized
Increasing Bid Floor
Relative Competition
Cash flow

100% ROI over $100 ad spend = $100
10% ROI over $1100 ad spend = $110

Bid UP = CPC UP – EPC Stay Same = ROI DOWN

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