How To Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos (Easy in 2019)

Learn How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos!
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In this video I will show you an easy way to make money on YouTube in 2019, even without creating your own videos.

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If you want to make money on YouTube, you will ❤️ this video. It’s beginner friendly, because this method doesn’t even require you to create your own original videos, so it’s super-easy.

This is perfect for someone who wants to get started on YouTube and build a big profitable channel.


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So, how exactly do you make money on YouTube?

There are lots of different ways of course – but usually people who are new to online marketing are worried about creating videos, and about having their face on camera.

Well, turns out that there are ways to make money on YouTube without even creating your own videos.

You can use what’s called “Creative Commons” videos, and compile them into your own videos.

A “Creative Commons” Licence means that you can take a video, download it, edit it, and use as your own to then upload to your own channel.

So the power of it is that you can simply find videos with Creative Commons licences, and then combine a few of them, put your own spin on them, add your own unique twists, and then upload that combined footage as your own onto your own channel.

This way, you can make money without filmig your own footage and without being on camera.

WARNING: I do want to warn you – simply downloading someone’s video (even with the Creative Commons licence) and uploading it to your channel without changing anything is not a good idea. This will create duplicate content. and might not give you much traffic / views on YouTube. You might also have trouble monetizing this content when YouTube review your channel. You NEED to edit the content and change it up.

So, the best approach would be:

1. Decide on the video idea (such as “20 Amazing Relaxing Guitar Songs”)

2. Find guitar music with Creative Commons licence (watch the video to see how). You might get 3 or 5 or even 10 different files. Download them.

3. Edit the footage and re-arrange it, and put your own spin on it – change it up, change the sequence of tracks.

So out of those 5 or 10 files that you download, take different parts and arrange into one new mp4 file.

Another word of caution – it’s your responsibility to make sure that items that are marked as Creative Commons actually are licenced properly, because someone may have stolen that footage from somewhere and simply marked it as Creative Commons. So be mindful of that.

Without trying to scare you – just pay attention – you can usually easily tell if the video file is likely to be Creative Commons or not. If something is slick and professional and looks like it’s produced by a big company recently – stay away.

If something looks like home footage or amateur footage and is marked as CC then you’re probably ok.

This is exactly how you can make money on YouTube without making videos!

Hope you enjoyed the video.

Thank you so much for watching!

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